Top 10 Countdowns

Our top ten '80s lists include music, movies and trends that thrived during the decade of excess.

  • Top 10 '80s Love Songs

    Top 10 80s Love Songs

    Some of the sexiest love songs came out of the 1980s. Jams that made you HOT for the one you love. Countdown the Top 10 Love Songs of the decade.

  • Albums Turning Thirty

    Albums Turning 30

    30 years ago awesome music was in abundance. Some of the most memorable albums from the decade were released in 1985 and we’ve got the Top 10.

  • 10 'Christmas Story' Facts

    A Christmas Story Facts

    Revisit the 1983 Christmas classic "A Christmas Story" and find out behind the scenes facts surrounding the making of this beloved yuletide film.

  • Top 10 80s NES Games

    NES Game Characters

    The Nintendo Entertainment System console will always have a special place in our hearts. Here are the Top 10 ‘80s NES Games we all love to play.

  • Top 10 80s Horror Movies

    Hellraiser's Pinhead

    The 80’s Horror genre gave us some of the goriest and most original films that made us peer from behind the couch. Here are the Top 10 80s Horror Movies.

  • Top 10 80s Summer Films

    Top 10 80s Summer Films

    Awesome summer movies from the decade of excess are chock full of simple fun we rarely see these days. Here are the Top Ten 80s Summer Films.

  • Top 10 80s Summer Songs

    Top 10 80s Summer Songs

    Summer songs never sounded as good as they did in the 1980's. We've narrowed the hefty list of '80s summer songs down to ten HOT tracks.